Presidents Message




Lisa De Rosa


Dear IFMA Greater Phoenix Chapter Members,

Thank you so much for electing me as your President for this year. I am excited to be able to give back to my local chapter, the student chapter, IFMA Communities and Council’s, and Corporate and inter-national IFMA Chapters. I have learned so much from the associates and professionals in the IFMA Organization over the past several years and am forever grateful. I think this is going to be an amazing year for us as a team! I have written out my goals and promises to the members of this chapter for the next few years. I would be honored for you to read them. Please let me know what you think and how we can accomplish these tasks together as a team!

President Goals:

  1. My goal is to “re-energize” our senior FM’s to become reacquainted with our chapter. These individuals are former past presidents, retired FM’s, Fellows and distinguished subject matter experts. They provide a myriad of case studies, best practices and specifically leadership traits capable of preparing our next generation chapter leaders. In addition, I intend to leverage these individual relationships with IFMA Houston to elevate the IFMA Greater Phoenix Chapters presence at the international level.
  1. I intend to inspire our incoming chapter leaders and student chapter by providing them with more leadership opportunities, opening doors to new companies, building on professional relationships, and providing a various amount of educational opportunities.
  1. World Workplace is coming to Phoenix in 2019 and my goal is to make that event one of the best, most rewarding events for IFMA! We will be putting the WW 2019 Planning Committee together now to identify a tentative schedule, sponsors, and activities and most importantly planning of special events. As professionals, I want to know what you want to hear and see; so you get the best possible experience from this event.


Let’s not forget that this organization is for US! There is no other organization that compares to the quality of knowledge and educational opportunities in our area. We are blessed as a large chapter to have four IFMA fellows involved and dedicated to the profession, located right here in our backyard. The Facility Managers and Professionals that attend the monthly member meetings and various other events are remarkable, full of knowledge and are willing to do anything to help a fellow professional! We all know that on a daily basis, we are surrounded by our teams and vendors, but rarely do we get to network with other professionals in our area. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT for our careers and our companies. IFMA is the bridge to those individuals.

Here is my promise to you:

  • I promise that when you come to a meeting, you will be greeted by partners and advocates willing to be in the weeds with you, not just out for a quick sale or a buck.
  • I promise you will meet important professionals you can call on to help you solve a problem that you are struggling with.
  • I promise you that you will NOT get bombarded with sales pitches, unsolicited 5 minute commercials or vendors hunting you down to get business. If that happens even once, tell someone on the IFMA board and we will handle it for you.

Instead, you will meet associates that are ready to build a relationship with you and prove to you FIRST that they are the best company to call for business. You will meet business owners, and account managers willing to assist you with an emergency after hours, nights or weekends, with a smile because you will become partners. You will build trusting relationships with others that could last years and become mutually beneficial for you both.

What I would like from you in return:

  • The only way I can promise you this and SUCCEED is if you come to the meetings and join us. If you have had anything other than what I explained above happen at a past meeting, it’s been WAY too long since you have come into the Greater Phoenix Chapter IFMA circle.
  • I would like to ask you to get involved! Come to the meetings. Come to the social events (they are the most fun)! Get engaged or re-engaged. Reinvigorate your career. Make the time. Pencil in the meetings on your calendar in advance. (Shameless plug: Member meetings are the second Wed. of each month, 11-1; immediately followed by the FM Peer Group 1-2.)
  • Make these meetings worthwhile for you and tell us what you want to get from these meetings so we can make it happen for you. What keeps you up at night? What do you need help with? Tell us so we can help you.

When you come to a meeting, you will enter a room full of friendly faces and open conversations. If you are anything like me, coming to a meeting alone for the first time is intimidating and we tend to retreat to the corner and stick to ourselves, not talking to anyone new. This group of people are welcoming and will help introduce you to anyone you could benefit from knowing. If you are not like me, I give you a high-five and have a tinge of jealousy!

That being said, I am a Director of multiple facilities, so I completely understand schedule conflicts. I understand you may not be able to make every meeting, I can’t either. But I will do everything in my power to keep my promise to you, if you promise to give back and make an effort in return.


You are a HUGE part of this impressive organization and without you, we would not be successful. As an associate, you are viewed as an expert in your given field. As a Facility Director, I could not maintain a top functioning facility or department without that knowledge and expertise. FM’s rely on your services to keep our buildings running. Operations and Maintenance, Leadership, Project Management, and Finances are just a few Core Competencies required for FM’s success and as associates, the knowledge you hold in these areas (among others) is where you hold tremendous value.

Here is my promise to you:

  • I promise that this chapter will advertise for and promote the IFMA First campaign, encouraging Professional Members to reach out to the IFMA associates FIRST before they reach outside for bids.
  • I promise to try to actively engage/re-engage Facility Professionals and inactive members, and aim to increase FM attendance so everyone can create mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • I promise to strive for successful meetings and events so knowledge in our field, and our relationships can grow and flourish.
  • I promise the chapter will continue to guide the associates on successful ways to navigate this organization.

What I would like from you in return:

  • Bring a new FM with you to each and every meeting. Introduce your clients to our organization as an added value for your services. They will appreciate it and you will become the trusted advisor. This is an excellent way for you to create that mutually beneficial relationship. Plus, FM’s love referrals.
  • I ask that you refrain from aggressively soliciting the professionals. The professionals come to meetings to get educational information on topics. This is a professional organization, not a hard core networking group. Therefore, the 5 minute commercials and 30 second sales pitches don’t go over well with professionals. The best way to get business with the professional members is through creating lasting, trusting, and rewarding relationships.


The caliber of professionalism from the student chapter is beyond impressive. ANY company would benefit greatly by hiring the talents ASU IFMA students possess. My Sundt team has worked with the Student Chapter for the past few years, and each time a new group comes into my workplace, the results they give go above and beyond the call of duty. Any company looking to hire, would highly benefit with any of the ASU IFMA Students we have in the chapter. My hats off to you!

Here is my promise to you:

  • I promise that the IFMA board will do all we can to help the students with internships and projects.
  • I promise to introduce you to the correct people to help your growth.
  • I promise to help educate and guide you in your journey to become a Facilities Professional.

What I would like from you in return:

  • Learn all you can, ask questions and be helpful and engaged students.
  • Take all the knowledge you can get from the professionals in IFMA and apply that to your career.
  • I would like you to take initiative, have motivation, and be engaged!


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support! We all learn and grow from each other’s knowledge and ALL bring added value to the table. Together we can take the IFMA Greater Phoenix Chapter to a whole new level while increasing visibility to our profession.

I continue to feel honored to be part of this great group of individuals.

PLEASE, come say hello to me at the next meeting or event!



Ellisa De Rosa, CFM, FMP, CM-Lean

Corporate Director of Facilities and Office Services, Sundt Construction

Your new IFMA Greater Phoenix Chapter President