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Projects by Student Chapter of Greater Phoenix IFMA Save Local Companies $4M+

In a year that saw the membership of the IFMA Greater Phoenix Student Chapter nearly double, student research may have helped a local company with over $4 Million in cost avoidance.

In less than ten weeks, the students were able to collect and analyze data from twenty sites worldwide. The research conducted by the students was so complete and comprehensive that the client was surprised at the large number of different gas and chemical connections presented, when the client had anticipated a sample of 20 to 40 gases and chemicals per location. While providing a potential cost avoidance of up to $4 Million, a direct savings of $100,000 was realized by having the students conduct the research instead of using an outside consulting firm.

Concurrently, another group of students conducted a cost feasibility study for Sundt Construction with respect to changing the current lighting to LED. Working within a very tight timeframe, the students completed sketches and drawings that met city specifications and submitted the plans and suggestions to Sundt. The students saved Sundt $7,500 and received valuable experience concerning working on a quick deadline while also meeting city codes.

Earlier this year, the Student Chapter established a Mentoring and Outreach Training Program for local high school students. During the spring semester, Student Chapter members interacted with over 1,800 students and 83 teachers at 6 high schools. As a result of these efforts, a curriculum has been developed that teaches students how to plan their future career with the Facility Management profession in mind. Seventy students from the Phoenix Union and Tempe Unified School District will participate in the program this summer.

Members from the Student Chapter presented a summary of their efforts at the June IFMA meeting. Especially notable was the fact that 92% of the 1,800 students reported a greater sense of overall confidence about their future as a result of their interaction with the Student Chapter.

Later this year in October, the Student Chapter will host a Family Leadership Conference. This pilot program is designed to help children prepare for careers, learn how to solve problems at home and learn how to better communicate at home.

We anticipate if the need arose in the future to have connections standardized, that we could realize avoiding costs of approximately $4 Million.