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Greater Phoenix Student Chapter and the Leadership Society of Arizona

The Leadership Society, partnering with the International Facility Management Association Greater Phoenix Chapter, presented  the first of eight workshops on Friday, September 8 at Arizona State University.  Workshop #1, “ The Language of Metrics” was taught by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. A group of 74 enthusiastic participants attended and learned how to “keep things simple”  while concurrently improving group and individual performance through measurement and tracking techniques. 

Dr. Kashiwagi, a recently retired professor at Arizona State, spoke for nearly 45 minutes and presented several examples of how his students are able to learn up to ten times faster than before they enrolled in his class.  Following the presentation, participants were given an Activity Sheet, where they were asked to write down a Goal and a Problem.  Next, the participants selected Criteria that they wished to measure with respect to the goal and the problem.  Finally, the participants listed how they planned to measure the goal and the problem.  This interactive exercise helped participants to use metrics to keep things simple.

The examples used in the content taught were simple, natural law scenarios.  These natural laws help participants to quickly identify and analyze complex issues in their life and world and concurrently understand the problem and take immediate steps to fix the issue at hand. 

The second of the eight workshops “The Purpose of Relationships” will be conducted on Saturday, September 30 from 10 AM – 12 noon at FM Solutions, 4001 N 3rd Street in Phoenix.  To register: