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Greater Phoenix Chapter Spotlight: June 2019

greater phoenix chapter of ifma

June 2019 FM Spotlight

Lisa De Rosa
Corporate Director of Facilities & Office Services
Sundt Construction

June 21, 2019-  Phoenix, AZ – Tempe Miller with Whelan Security and Jim Stevens with M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics recently had an opportunity to interview Lisa De Rosa, the Corporate Director of Facilities & Office Services at Sundt Construction and current President of the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA.  She is the Chapter’s FM Spotlight for June.

Tempe: Thank you for joining us today Lisa, it’s a pleasure having our President to interview today.

Lisa: The pleasure is all mine, I’m honored to be the FM Spotlight for June!

Tempe: Where are you from?

Lisa: I am originally from Long Beach, California and moved to Tucson, AZ when I was 4, then moved to Chandler when I was 8.  I consider myself a native of AZ!

Tempe: How do you support the FM Profession?

Lisa: In any way I can.  I have been an FM for 11 years and whatever I can do to increase an FM’s knowledge in the area of expertise that they are working in I’m all for.  Even Associate Members – educating them on what FM’s do and what challenges they take on every day.  I’m 100% behind teaching and educating everyone on either how to be an FM or what FM really means. 

Tempe: What drew you to the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA?

Lisa: When I first became an FM I needed somewhere to go and get involved.  I tried one of the other associations and really didn’t like it very much so I decided IFMA would be my place.  Everyone within the Chapter was friendly, open and very accepting.  I learned so much!  It’s always felt like the right place to be for me.

Tempe: What are your hobbies?

Lisa: My hobbies largely involve being with my kids.  I love dancing!  Even though I don’t dance much anymore, I still love it. 

Tempe: What has been the most challenging project you’ve taken on as an FM?

Lisa: There are so many challenging projects that have come up in my career, I don’t know that I have just one.  New things come up all the time that challenge you!  It’s a real reason why the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA has been so great – because you can leverage like-minded professionals that have your best interest at heart.  When you’re an FM every single day is different. It’s another reason to love the profession.

Tempe: Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?

Lisa: Honestly, I didn’t choose FM as a profession, it chose me!  I started at Sundt Construction in an Office Services Supervisor role.  My boss, who was an FM of 40 years, retired 3 months later and basically turned to me and told me that I could do Facilities Management!  After the initial surprise about it I couldn’t be more thankful that I am an FM.

Tempe: What possessed you to become the President of the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA?

Lisa: Giving back!  I’ve gotten so much out of the Phoenix Chapter of IFMA for my professional career that I decided it was time to give back.  The best way to make the largest impact was to dedicate my time, blood, sweat, and tears to IFMA!  (Laughing) No, there was no blood. 

Tempe: What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you as an FM?

Lisa: This might not seem crazy to everyone else but, one Saturday, the office electricity abruptly turned off.  I was so concerned I went into the office in my pajamas!  I actually called Chad Ridenour with Turn It On Electric and he helped tremendously.  That has to be the craziest and most embarrassing moment I’ve had in my career (the PJ’s part).

Tempe: What new piece of advice would you give an aspiring or new FM?

Lisa: Keep learning!  Number one, keep learning.  Your job is never going to be the same.  It’s ever changing, so embrace the change and just keep learning your profession.  Embrace fellow FM’s and Associate Members as they can help you and provide great advice.

Tempe:  Can you provide us a fun fact about Arizona?

Lisa: Haboobs!  They are giant balls of dirt that roll through the Valley and make everything dirty.  They look terrifying but they are kind of funny.

Tempe: What is your favorite sport?

Lisa: I don’t really participate in sports but I do like watching Basketball.  I think it’s fun to watch, as its constant action.  I also like watching Brazilian Jujitsu – my husband and kids actually do Jujitsu, So that has become the relatively new sport I enjoy watching.

Tempe: What is your favorite food?

Lisa: All of it!  I love food.  If I had to pick one, I would have to choose pasta and Italian food.  My husband is Italian and makes the best Italian food – namely rice balls.  But seriously, I love all food! (Laughing)

Tempe: What is one fact about you that many people don’t know?

Lisa: There’s a million facts that many people don’t know but I’ll share one.  Last year I did Jujitsu with my family and I broke my collar bone!  I’m perfectly healthy now but that is definitely the most dangerous, daring, and fun fact that I can think of.

Tempe: What is your favorite place in the world and why?

Lisa: It would have to be San Diego, California.  I know that sounds a little boring, but my husband and I got married there on a cruise and then honeymooned on Catalina Island.  Every time we go back to San Diego it’s like our honeymoon all over again. So that has to be my favorite place.


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