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Greater Phoenix Chapter Spotlight: August 2019

August 2019 FM Spotlight

Christine Lang
Facilities Director
Royal Oaks

August 19, 2019-  Sun City, AZ – Tempe Miller with Whelan Security had an opportunity to interview Christine Lang, Facilities Director for Royal Oaks,  A retirement community that emphasizes state-of-the-art technology, beautiful residences and engaging programs and amenities. She is our Chapter’s New Member Spotlight for August.

Tempe:  Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of interviewing you for our August FM Spotlight!

Christine: Absolutely.

Tempe: Where are you from?

Christine: I was born and raised here in Arizona, left in 1989 to the state of Washington, and ended up returning in 2017.

Tempe: Why did you join the FM profession?

Christine: The FM profession actually found me. My college degree is in Advertising, I spent 10 years in this field. I then accepted a job as an office manager for a light manufacturing company in 1995. That position actually grew so much that I became their Facility Manager – a position that I created myself - I learned how to be a general contractor, I went to OSHA training, was involved with international certifications for quality standards, I moved people around constantly, and I opened and closed buildings. As the company grew, I grew with them. I didn’t realize when I started with this light manufacturing company that it was the start of a 20 year career with them in facility management.

Tempe: What is fulfilling about being an FM?

Christine: A lot of facility managers will tell you it’s the day to day, the unexpected. Although, that is really exciting and fun, the best part and most fulfilling for me is that every day and every project creates a new challenge. So every time I work on a new project or have a challenge that I’m faced with, I am continually learning.

Tempe: What are your hobbies?

Christine: One of my most favorite hobbies since 3rd grade is playing softball. I continued to play softball throughout my adult life and now that I am in Arizona, I am looking for a new co-ed team.

Tempe: What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced as an FM?

Christine: One late evening the janitorial staff called me at home and said, “Christine, it’s raining in the building”. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, so I drove over to work. We were in the middle of a 90MPH storm and a 4x8 section of skylight blew off the roof over our warehouse area with all of our parts. I called a technician who was certified on a boom lift – while he was on the boom lift lifting a larger piece of plywood up through the 30ft ceiling of this roof, I was on the roof tied off in 90MPH winds trying to help secure it to cover the hole. Meanwhile all of the transformers were blowing across the valley and I had quite the firework show. Scary but we had to react quickly to take care of it.

Tempe: What is a piece of advice you would give a new or aspiring FM?

Christine: Have fun, look for new challenges, make sure you get good resources so you have people to go to when you have questions, and learn all you can.

Tempe: What do you love about the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA?

Christine: Although I am not new to IFMA, I am new to the Phoenix Chapter, so I look forward to the connections I’m going to make and also WWP.

Tempe: What is your favorite sport?  

Christine: The sport I like to watch on TV is NFL football, specifically the Seattle Seahawks. I’m a 12 (fan) for the Seattle Seahawks! GO HAWKS!

Tempe: What is your favorite food?

Christine: I love seafood and being from the Seattle area for the last 30 years, I like a lot of salmon but I also love clams, mussels, and especially scallops.

Tempe: What is one fact about you that many people don’t know?

Christine: I have been a certified scuba diver since 1991 and have dove all over the world.

Tempe: What is your favorite place in the world and why?

Christine: I’m going to give you two; the first is the Seattle, WA area. The state of Washington is a beautiful state, the trees, lakes, mountains, and my daughter is there. My second choice would be the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. All of the rock formations that come out of the water are just beautiful for boating and excellent for diving.