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Greater Phoenix Chapter New Member Spotlight: August 2019

August 2019 New Member Spotlight

Jodi Giljum 
Sales Executive

August 2, 2019-  Gilbert, AZ – Tempe Miller with Whelan Security had an opportunity to interview Jodi Giljum, Sales Executive for Varidesk, experts in sit-stand solutions, active office products, and accessories that help people reimagine their work environment and transform their office design. She is our Chapter’s New Member Spotlight for August.

Tempe:  Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of interviewing you for our August New Member Spotlight!

Jodi: The pleasure is all mine.

Tempe: Where are you from?

Jodi: I am originally from Milwaukee, WI and moved out to the valley 22 years ago – hard to believe! I’ve been in the furniture industry ever since.

Tempe: How do you support the FM profession?

Jodi: With the company I am with now, Varidesk, we are able to move quickly and I know in the FM profession this is something that is very important. Our product is in stock, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to move and assemble – I think it really helps the Facility Managers when they have to make game day decisions. Sometimes more isn’t better. I feel that I can help them in making those quick decisions and getting product to market quickly. 

Tempe: How long have you been in your industry?

Jodi: I’ve been in the commercial industry for 22 years. I’ve been in dealer sales, been a manufacturers rep, I’ve don’t design, project management. I have a really good idea what the FM community has to deal with on a daily basis.

Tempe: What IFMA event are you looking forward to most and why?

Jodi: I am looking forward to the World Workplace Expo being held here in Phoenix – It hasn’t been here for years. I think it’s nice that we are having and international event hosted Phoenix. We are going to be apart of the Central Camelback corridor and I am really looking forward to participating.

Tempe: What is your favorite food?

Jodi: Since I have been living in the west for so long, I have become addicted to southwestern cuisine. We make a mean street taco at our house and we are all about Mexican street corn and taco Tuesdays, you can pretty much say that we are addicted to anything with beans, cheese, and rice.

Tempe: What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Jodi: When I was in my Junior year of High School my school closed down and I didn’t have a place to go. The all boys Catholic High School went coed that year so I ended up attending Saint Thomas Moore. Since my last name was Braum at the time, I was the first girl to graduate from Saint Thomas High School – and I won’t even tell you what year that was hahaha 😊

Tempe: What is one interesting fact about Arizona?

Jodi: So I recently learned that there is a bridge in Lake Havasu and it’s called the London Bridge and it’s actually from London. The city of Lake Havasu bought it back in the late 60’s for $2M. The bridge was deconstructed brick by brick and each brick was numbered, brought over on a ship, and then reconstructed in Lake Havasu. The project to reconstruct the bridge cost around $7M and it’s still there today – I had no idea that the bridge was actually from London. Can you imagine being the Facilities Manager for that project??? Hahaha

Tempe: What drew you to the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA?

Jodi: I’ve been in the furniture industry in Arizona for years, but I am fairly new with Varidesk. I have tried other associations to find which I would be most comfortable at and I went to IFMA (Invited by Tom Cruz) and I felt very at home and thought it was a great group of people. Everyone was very welcoming, and we are doing a lot of events this year that I really wanted to be involved with like the golf tournament and World Workplace. So, I am really excited to be a member, volunteer, and help with the FM community.


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