FM's in Transition

The following IFMA members have posted their resume for consideration by employers who are seeking to find Facility Management professionals:


Larry Torres- FM

Thomas Millin, MBA

If you are a member of IFMA and in search of a position, please send an email to [email protected]  with your resume in PDF format.

Please scroll down to view availalbe resumes.  Thank you.

MEMBERSHIP RENEW for Members-in-Transition:

The following arrangements can be made over the phone or via email and are not available on the website:

IFMA Member Services @ 1-713-623-4362 or [email protected]

  • Request re-classifying your membership to “RETIRED”


  • Base Member Dues: $100/year

  • Local Chapter Dues: $120/year

  • TOTAL $220/year

  • Request quarterly payment option: $55 / quarter ($55 X 4 = $220)